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Collaborating with Fujifilm Belgium, the Van Gogh Museum has selected nine of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings to create limited edition replicas of Van Gogh's masterpieces: the Van Gogh Museum Edition Collection. Each replica is limited and numbered, with only 260 pieces of each of the nine masterpieces made available worldwide. Each replica in the collection is approved by the curators of the Van Gogh Museum, and the minute details make it hard to distinguish each replica from its original.

  • Limited edition of 260 reproductions worldwide for each masterpiece, with a unique seal and number

  • Exact replica created using a 3D scan of the painting's actual surface texture combined with 2D high resolution ink paint

  • Minute details are included, such as travel stickers on the back (showing where original has exhibited)

  • Hand crafted frame, made with a technique from the 17th century

  • Comes in a deluxe, handmade suitcase

  • Accompanied by a premium box containing the official paper numbered certificate (acrylic numbered certificate) from Van Gogh Museum and background information regarding the original masterpiece

  • Protected with a security seal with Forge Guard® technology by Fujifilm, with state-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting qualities

  • Takes 5 months to create a Van Gogh Museum Edition Collection, with final approval by a curator of the Van Gogh Museum​​

The 9 Masterpieces:

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